The Story of our Farm

Have you ever wondered how there can be so much physical and mental illness and disease in a developed society that mostly plays by the rules?

We believe that the increasing physical and mental illnesses in society point to a fundamental error in the status quo – the way we eat and the lifestyles we lead. We have to claim back our health!

It is a story where pure apple mint hydrosol could come from a neighborhood farm, grown without pesticides and all year long. A farm where you could receive same day harvest and delivery to your doorstep. Thanks to you, this story is coming to life at Miunt Farm.

Pure Apple Mint Hydrosol

The Ancient Monk's Herb

Over a thousand year ago, in Ancient Greece monasteries, a group of monks achieved enlightenment and ascension through meditation and pure living (hesychasm). In this primeval forest, the monks discovered Apple Mint and used it to treat epileptic seizures as it was beneficial in combating the mental fatigue that followed the fits and was said to be refreshing for the brain.

Apple mint has also historically been used as a strewing herb in temples, markets, and other buildings to naturally freshen the air and repel any pests as it was crushed under the feet of people passing through, releasing its sweet, pleasant aroma.


Medicinal Herb

Apple mint is an important element of traditional Mediterranean medicine, possesses analgesic, antispasmodic, stimulating, tonic, sedative, carminative, hypotensive, stomachic and insecticidal properties. This herb has demonstrated analgesic, depressor, anticonvulsive, antiseptic, insecticide and anti-inflammatory effects or activities.

Apple mint offers good amounts of vitamins A and C and contains some minerals like iron and calcium. It is rich in essential oils with antiseptic and antioxidant properties thanks to components like eucalyptol, and it has a long history of medicinal use in treating inflammatory diseases like arthritis, relieving indigestion or nausea, aiding respiratory issues like asthma, and easing mental sluggishness or agitation.


Produce with Passion

We want to enjoy healthy life but good food. So, we produce the purest form of edible apple mint hydrosol for food flavour. Naturally refreshing & cooling. Without the highly processed, high sugar, gluten and artificial additive or fragrance.

We make ours by steam distilling in small batches without using any preservatives or artificial fragrance in Puchong, Malaysia.

We're growing near you all year round at our indoor farm, in aquaponics settings (aquaculture + hydroponics). So you always get the freshest locally grown apple mint hydrosol. And delivered to your door. In glass packaging.


Brilliant Minds

We source our ingredients directly from small family farms and women’s co-operatives in Malaysia.

Our innovations and breakthrough products in nutritional health are sought after by those who prefer to nourish and heal their bodies the natural way without the need of synthetic drugs and chemicals which harm the body. It is about sustaining health the natural superfood way and beauty achieved through science sans chemicals and preservatives.


Make a Shrine of Your Body


We value simplicity, believe that less is more, and act with the knowledge that the less you interfere with the body’s ability to achieve balance the better.


All our products are free of parabens, silicones, PEGs, phthalates, and isolated and synthetic fragrances, and toxic preservatives.


Hydrosols are gentle botanical remedies and their extraordinary aromatic vitality acts to subtly reawaken the quiet connection we have to nature. 


We source our ingredients from remarkable human beings who share our values. That’s why we work directly with small family farms and women’s co-operatives in Malaysia.


Distillation is a transformation in many ways. Being with the earth and participating in this ancient alchemy, like the plants we too are transformed.


Other products may use some, or even many, certified organic ingredients, but those brands do not go through the rigorous demands of the process described here. 

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