Bring Back Control of Our Life

Have you ever wondered how there can be so much physical and mental illness and disease in a developed society that mostly plays by the rules?

We believe that the increasing physical and mental illnesses in society point to a fundamental error in the status quo – the way we live and the lifestyles we lead. We need to bring back control of our life, especially attention!

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According to the Institute for Public Health, 3 in 10 Malaysians aged above 16 suffered from at least one mental health problem [1]

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Regain Control. How?

1. Your Life, not Theirs

Life is too valuable to be spent pleasing others by chasing possessions or useless socializing. Often some negative people are very unreasonable. If we start taking on other people's problems, then expect to become stressed. Learning to get more from less is one way to find happiness, reclaim our time and live on our own terms.

2. Avoid Tittytainments

What you want is not really what you want, but the top 20% want. You had been brainwashed by parents, schools, and societal norms since young. Indulging in instant gratification (social media, short videos, junk food, ...) may lead to impulsive decision-making, hindering personal growth, and undermining long-term goals. By understanding and redirecting our attention to our own aspirations, we can make decisions that lead to more meaningful and fulfilling outcomes in our lives.

3. Self-fulfilling

Human look for evidence to draw up conclusions. Don't waste energy on things we can't control. Life is unfair and hard. Even though we can do everything right, we may not be successful or being misunderstood. We can complain about it, or accept this harsh reality, figure out the price, then go to any lengths to pay it. We get what we repeat (consistency).

4. Natural Herb

We're also conducting a neuropsychological research in blue skullcap herb, to evaluate best practice across multiple guided therapies effects, innovate on 'at-home' treatment design, mitigate known risks, explore potential drawbacks, and understand therapeutic mechanisms, for a number of different mental health conditions.


Why Bringre?

Bringre App is a very simple mindfulness chatbot, that helps reducing impulsive reactions, by aware the stimulus, and then recommend alternative actions, to save time, energy & money. Based on Interactive & Intelliengent Decision Support, using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Constraint Programming (CP).

Best result is observed, when you combine the Blue Skullcap herb 🌿 assisted virtual therapy, while be mindful about your mental wellness 🧘‍♀️, with our companion behavior tracking feature📱

Embrace the power of skullcap's wisdom, and with every step, bring back control of your path, ignite your inner fire, and bloom with the freedom to create your destiny.
This skullcap is great if you have an easily excitable nervous system and you are looking for something to keep you calmer during the day. I am sure could work wonders for HSP and people who have panic attacks and similar overly excitable or easily overloadable nervous system.
Michael Boaz

This herb benefits me by helping me relax at the end of the day. It seems to be very good quality. I noticed an improvement in my sleep almost immediately. It’s probably my most reliable relaxation supplement. I take it before bed. It immediately stops a racing mind. 

Sara Bonham