Monitoring & Optimization

Develop & deploy supply chain optimization models as an industrial automation system fast. From network design to workforce scheduling. All in a single platform, 3 simple steps.
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Monitoring & Optimization for critical industries can be a nightmare.

Many operational researchers get stuck with model deployment. Fewer solutions existed for smaller & niche industries, cannot meet requirements perfectly or complex to adopt.

Also required are the business analysts, data scientists, infrastructure engineers and designers, all working together at the same time. That is a luxury even for a big corporation. It takes forever to be implemented.

Our Story

Easier Drag & Drop App Builder

1. Clone Model

You can choose from over thousands publicly available model templates to launch an app fast. No longer taken advantages by the overpriced vendors. Save mental, money and time.

2. Customize App

You can optionally edit the App based on your special requirements from the browser easily. No frontend design & backend infrastructure skills required. You can do it well the first time.

3. Automate Decision

By automating the key operational decisions, you can streamline processes, manage risk more effectively, reduce costs and increase profitability in real-time. Build, test & deploy immediately, not months!

4. Exceptional Support

We know that even the best technology is only as good as the people behind it. We are working with you throughout the process, from drafting problem statement, modeling, implementation, to operational efficiency.


Why Moopt?

Our mission is to democratize decision modeling & optimization technologies for 10,000 operational researchers per year. Contact us now and get response within 24 hours!

We have been assisting organizations automating their supply chain planning for the past 10 years. Like You, we are frustrated by the existing platforms when building industrial automation apps for our customers.

So we build Moopt to help our consulting projects. And now, it is available publicly for everyone on the cloud, with lower commitment.

Moopt's belief system centers around leveraging technology, fostering collaboration, promoting transparency, and driving positive change. They aim to empower industries with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and overall well-being.
Moopt's high-resolution cameras and IoT sensors provide us with unparalleled visibility into critical areas of our facilities, allowing us to identify safety hazards and equipment malfunctions in real-time.
Michael Boaz
The cloud-based analytics and machine learning algorithms provide us with actionable insights, enabling us to optimize our protocols and continuously improve our operational safety and efficiency.
Sara Bonham